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Tailored solutions to suite the specific needs of your experience 

We serve you while serving our communities

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Educate and orient your team

Ikaagun Engagement specializes in building orientations and learning experiences tailored specifically for your team/project, both in-person and virtual. Typically geared for outside organizations visiting or working in Alaska these experiences allow your team to learn about the history and deep context in which you are stepping into. Education and awareness not only teaches folks about local and historical context, it also provides guidance and increases the confidence of your team to take the initiative to engage in proper ways with entities and people of Alaska. 


Create and implement realistic and impactful engagement plans

Ikaagun Engagement can help your team think deeply about how to engage with communities and to further map out impactful plans that are doable and that suite the needs of your project. We always keep the communities' best interest in mind while doing so. We can also help you implement these plans if necessary. From providing guidance to facilitating projects, we're here to assist.


Set up and host awesome workshops and gatherings

Ikaagun Engagement specializes in is setting up and hosting workshops/gatherings, recruiting locals, maximizing impacts of workshops/gatherings, and assisting participants before, during, and after the events. We always keep the locals, and especially Elders, in mind when setting up travel and logistics while taking careful consideration of equity in compensation. And finally, we work to make sure there are useful outcomes from workshops and gatherings that contribute to positive forward movement for everyone involved. 


Find creative ways to utilize local expertise and build local capacity

Our business is very careful to work with projects that not only mean well, but seek to make tangible positive impacts on communities. Arctic research is an industry that people in rural Alaska can potentially be much more involved in. Ikaagun Engagement seeks to build awareness and further create opportunities and build capacity for local people in villages across Alaska to not only lead and be involved in research, but also provide logistical support that otherwise may go to out-of-state contractors. 

Lead with respect

Everything Ikaagun Engagement does, we try to do it in the most respectful and considerate manner. This is ingrained in the advice and guidance we provide to clients. The only way people survive and thrive in the Arctic is to set aside differences, respect your fellow community members, and communicate in respectful and timely ways. We  honor that tradition and it helps things run as smoothly as possible. 

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Create professional and locally-relevant media products

Ikaagun Engagement has been increasing its capacity to provide professional media products by developing a multimedia lab located in Anchorage, Alaska that includes an audio studio and a space for video and photography. Ikaagun Engagement has also provided commercially-licensed drone footage for projects since 2022.


Careful to guarantee client satisfaction 

Ikaagun Engagement works very closely with clients before going into work agreements to ensure that our business can complete all expected duties and fulfill all expectations. Throughout the work agreement we work diligently to ensure 100% client satisfaction. 

Screenshot 2023-10-29 165238.png
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