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Ikaaġun is the Iñupiat word for bridge, or "something used for going across." 

Ikaaġun Engagement was created in 2021 to help bridge gaps within projects seeking to engage with our communities in Alaska: bridging gaps in understanding, capacity, and communication.


Kaare Sikuaq Erickson leads Ikaaġun Engagement as the Principal Consultant and owner. Sikuaq was raised on the Bering Sea coast and has family scattered across northern Alaska from Unalakleet to Shishmaref to Utqiaġvik. Sikuaq was raised to provide for his communities through subsistence and leadership. This upbringing taught him to be aware of problems facing Arctic communities and to find creative, realistic, and effective ways to help alleviate or solve issues. Sikuaq spent nearly two decades immersed in cultural studies working for various organizations while earning a B.A. and M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Alaska. Sikuaq most recently spent several years providing logistical support and setting up engagement experiences for dozens of Arctic research projects. The experiences of growing up, working for various Alaska Native organizations, and being guided by Elders, family, community members, professors, students, bosses, and colleagues has allowed Sikuaq to successfully fulfill his role as the lead at Ikaaġun Engagement connecting Arctic communities and outside entities.

*Kaare is pronounced "Cory." However, he will respond to Carrie, Car-E, Care, Kaw-ray or anything close. Sikuaq is pronounced SIK-QWALK

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