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Rising Voices, Changing Coasts 2022-present
Ikaagun Engagement is assisting Haskell Indian Nations University and a variety of partnering organizations in the NSF-funded RVCC project. Specifically, Ikaagun takes the lead on the coordination of the RVCC Alaska Hub activities and initiatives.

Arctic Watch: Community Engagement Initiatives 2023-present
Ikaagun Engagement is assisting the Marine Exchange of Alaska (MXAK) and a variety of team members to develop and implement a community engagement plan within the Arctic Watch project, an initiative to utilize AIS tracking technology/data and increased comms capacity, offered by the Marine Exchange of Alaska, to ensure safe shipping in the Arctic. This includes helping the team host a workshop in Juneau at the MXAK HQ with delegates from the Bering Straits region.

UAF INE Topobathymetric Data - Community Utilization and Engagement 2023-present
Ikaagun Engagement is assisting a team led by the Institute of Northern Engineering at UAF to build and implement a plan to engage rural communities in Alaska to maximize the positive local impacts of nearshore bathymetric and topographic data. This includes hosting a sub-regional local user workshop in 2024 to focus on local use, impacts, and future community engagement.

Arctic PASSION: Unalakleet Project 2021-present

Ikaagun Engagement works with Snowchange Cooperative located in Finland to lead a project in Unalakleet that organizes historic information, interviews Elders and local hunters and fishers, and captures video and pictures of the land around Unalakleet including drone use. The project is organizing a map of the Unalakleet area with traditional place names and history and creating a series of videos that include drone footage, pictures, and historic data. All products will be delivered to the community in 2024.

NSIDC Arctic Rain on Snow Study (AROSS) Workshop 2023
Ikaagun Engagement helped the National Snow and Ice Data Center to set up an engagement experience that recruited reindeer herders, caribou and moose hunters, guides, and other locals to take part in a gathering with other herders and hunters from around the Arctic in addition to scientists who study the effects of wetter winters in the Arctic, specifically on Indigenous peoples and ungulates they rely on (reindeer, caribou, m
oose, muskox, etc.).

Kali NSB/Umiaq Water System Engineering Charrette 2022
Ikaagun Engagement worked with Umiaq Design to set up a gathering to focus on the planning and design of an above-ground water system for the community of Point Lay (Kali). The meeting included community members, community leaders, scientists working in Kali, municipal and regional authorities, engineers, and other associated contractors.

North Slope Listening and Learning 2022
Ikaagun Engagement helped set up a series of virtual and in-person meetings and orientations for the Wilderness Society and its partners, that helped educate the team about the deep history of the Inupiat in addition to the context of ANCSA and oil development. This experience allowed the team to appreciate the depth of the history and socio-economic benefits of development on the North Slope and to engage with local leaders who they may have otherwise never engaged with in-person. 

Arctic Observing Summit 2022: Food Security Working Group 2021-2022
Ikaagun Engagement worked with the UAF International Arctic Research Center and a series of international partners to set up and host working group activities the Arctic Observing Summit 2022 in Tromso, Norway. Sikuaq specifically helped with Working Group 1: Food Security, as a lead co-chair.

ICC: Inuit Protocols for Equitable and Ethical Engagement: Workshop Assistance 2021-2022
Ikaagun Engagement helped the Inuit Circumpolar Council set up and host a series of virtual meetings for local and regional delegates from Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and Russia. The workshops led to ICC's development of the ICC Circumpolar Protocols for Ethical and Equitable Engagement.

Other Engagement in 2021-2023
Ikaagun Engagement help several other projects in more minimal ways, for instance hosting one or more orientations, helping host meetings, etc. As an example, Ikaagun helped host a small series of engaging orientation events for the Navigating the New Arctic Community Office.

Engagement in Utqiagvik (Barrow) and across the North Slope of Alaska
As North Slope Science Liaison and Engagement lead at UIC Science, Sikuaq developed the annual BARC Science Fair, the Soup N' Science program, set up and hosted community meetings and created fun and educational experiences for K-12 and college-aged students in Utqiagvik and across the North Slope of Alaska.

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