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Examples of recent engagement efforts
by Ikaaġun leadership

Recent Boards, Committees and Working Groups (Kaare Sikuaq)


Apun Advisory Board Member (2018-2021)

NNA-HER-Polar DCL 2017: Collaborative Research: Researching apun: Students Using Local, Traditional, and Science Knowledge Bases to Investigate Arctic Snow Processes


Arctic Citizen Science Conference Steering Committee (2021-present)


Arctic Observing Summit, Food Security Working Group (2019-2021) (draft white paper synthesis for AOS)


Arctic Futures 2050 Indigenous Participation Working Group (2018-2019)

(SEARCH: Study of Environmental Arctic Change)


ARCUS Board of Directors (2018-present)

(ARCUS: Arctic Research Consortium of the United States)


Caleb Scholars Steering Committee (2018-2019)


Climate Change and My Community – 2017-2018 Cohort

Arctic and Earth Stem Integrating Globe and NASA (SIGNS)


ELOKA Co-Production of Knowledge Leadership Team (2021-present)

(ELOKA: Exchange for Local Observation and Knowledge of the Arctic)

IFKN COVID-19 Comparative Study – Research Advisory Committee (2020-present)

(IFKN: Indigenous Food Knowledges Network)


Kali Community/Regional Advisory Committee (2020-2021)

for several research projects taking place in Point Lay (Kali)


POWOL Working Group (2020-2021)

(POWOL: Protecting Our Ways of Life)


Synoptic Arctic Survey, Engagement of Indigenous Communities Working Group (2019)

(Open Planning Workshop, Woods Hole, MA)


Working Group on Culturally Responsive Science Outreach and Engagement (2019)

Alaska Sea Grant and ARCUS, for the North Pacific Research Board

Recent Presentations and Panels (Kaare Sikuaq) 


Alaska Domain Awareness Center’s Arctic C-ICE: Virtual Event (YouTube)

Sikuaq moderated the keynote presentation: “Building Responsible Partnerships with Rural Alaska” (2021)


Alaska Anthropological Association 2021 Annual Meeting

Community-based participatory research talking circle (2021)


ARCUS Arctic Research Seminar Series (YouTube)

Presentation: "Ingenious Indigenous Technology and Inuit History" (2021)


Great Decisions: The Warming Arctic with Kaare Erickson and Bob Holister (YouTube)

World Affairs Council of Western Michigan (2021)


IFKN Presentation to ICASSX

Bridging Arctic and US SW Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Food and Knowledge Sovereignty

(co-presented with M B Jäger) (2021)


AGU 2020 presentation 1

"Too Much “Notice and Comment”: Implications of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1942 on Arctic Research’s Engagement with Indigenous Communities in Alaska" (2020)


AGU 2020 presentation 2

"Successful Engagement between Iñupiat and Scientists in Utqiaġvik, Alaska" (2020)


AGU 2020 panel discussion

AGU Convergence, Collaboration, and Justice Panel Session

Presentation title: "Cooperation in (Arctic) Research: Can major barriers between residents and researchers be overcome?" (2020)


Arctic Observing Summit 2020 Working Group 3

White Paper: “Money, power, and the co-production of knowledge in Arctic research by Kaare Erickson” (2020)


CIRES Videos: Frozen in the Ice: Exploring the Arctic Video Collection (YouTube)

M7 L7: Arctic Peoples: A Changing Climate, Changing Ways of Life with Kaare Sikuaq Erickson (2020)


EGU 2020 presentation

"Outreach and disseminations activities in North Slope of Alaska: how to build trust between local communities and arctic researchers" (2020)


Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants Program (YouTube)

presentation to students in continental US and Canada (2020)


2020 Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) Investigators Meeting

“Expert Consultation on Community Engagement” with Raychelle Daniel, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, and Kaare Erickson


Ohio State University, Byrd Center 2-part series

Presentations: 1. “History of Indigenous Communities in the Arctic”

Presentation 2. “Co-Production of Knowledge and Examples in the Arctic”



UAF GIGSA TEK Talks (YouTube)

Presentation title: “A Sharing Culture” (2020)


USARC: 11th Annual Water and Sanitation Innovations for the Arctic Workshop (YouTube)

Tracing the Pandemic Through Wastewater: Using Sewage Monitoring to Investigate Infectious Disease.

Presentation title: “Impact of past pandemics on rural Alaskan communities” (2020)


Wilson Center: COVID-19 Impacts in the Arctic Virtual Conference (YouTube)

Panel Discussion: "Arctic History of Viral Epidemics and Pandemics" (2020)


AGU 2019 Session

Co-convener of session: Growing Pains: Overcoming Obstacles and Working Together to Improve Research Collaboration in Science I and II (2019)


AGU 2019 Presentation

"Tales of an Inupiat Cultural Broker: Building and Sustaining Mutually-beneficial Relationships between Researchers, Educators, and Students in Utqiaġvik, Alaska" (2019)


National Geo-spatial Agency GEOINT 2019 Symposium

Presentation title: "Arctic Variability: Seasons, Storms, Services, and Supplies" (2019)

SEARCH: Arctic Futures Conference Posters (Hosted by National Academy of Sciences) (2019)

Sikuaq organized three posters on behalf of the Indigenous people attending the conference

Poster 1. The Arctic: Our Home, Our Future I

Poster 2.The Arctic: Our Home, Our Future II

Poster 3.The Arctic: Our Home, Our Future III


AGU 2018 

Early Career Panel on Diversity and Inclusivity in the Polar Sciences (2018)


Alaska Marine Science Symposium 2018 Educators Night

Presentation: “Balancing Science and Culture on the Arctic Coast” (2018)


Alaska Marine Science Symposium 2018 Poster

Presentation: “Balancing Science and Culture on the Arctic Coast” By UIS Staff,

Written and organized by Sikuaq (2018)

Other Awards

The Explorers Club: 50 People Changing the World (2020)

(1 of 50 people selected worldwide)

Arctic Council Anniversary (ACA) Expedition 2021 

Inuit Circumpolar Council Representative, 1-month trip to North Pole on Swedish Icebreaker Oden (cruise cancelled during preparation), (invitation letter)

Sikuaq’s Master's Thesis, Successful Engagement between Iñupiat and Scientists in Utqiaġvik, Alaska: A Sociocultural Perspective was nominated (one out of two total from UA Anchorage) for the  WAGS/Proquest Distinguished Thesis Awards

BARC Science Fair (BSF)

In 2017, as Liaison for UIC Science located on the North Slope of Alaska, Kaare Sikuaq founded and organized the annual BARC Science Fair (located at the Barrow Arctic Research Center) to provide a positive space for Arctic researchers and residents to meet, and share time, ideas, and food; and also to create an opportunity to inspire the youth of the Utqiaġvik by providing fun and educational activities based in science and traditional knowledge. The science fair consolidated outreach and engagement efforts by multiple research institutions that would have otherwise required several community meetings and contributed to the meeting fatigue that North Slope villages experience. The BARC Science Fair was part of a larger effort led by Sikuaq while at UIC Science to bring coordination and collaboration to science outreach and engagement efforts across Arctic Alaska.


BSF 2017

Presenting Institutions and Entities (in Utqiaġvik)

Department of Wildlife Management (North Slope Borough)

National Ecological Observatory Network

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

San Diego State University

UIC Science

University of Texas El Paso

Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences

Western Kentucky University

BSF 2018

Presenting Institutions and Entities (in Utqiaġvik)

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Audubon Alaska

Department of Wildlife Management (North Slope Borough)

Florida State International University

Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee

NASA Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Ecological Observatory Network

San Diego State University

UAF Water and Environmental Research Center

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Navy Ice-X Project (UICS)

UIC Science

University of Texas El Paso

Western Kentucky University

BSF 2019

Presenting Institutions and Entities (in Utqiaġvik)

Alfred Wegener Institute

Audubon Alaska

Department of Wildlife Management (North Slope Borough)

Grand Valley State University

Max Planck Institute of Ornithology 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Ecological Observatory Network

Owl Research Institute

San Diego State University

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

UAF Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub

UIC Science

University of Texas El Paso

Soup N' Science (2016-2020)

As Liaison for North Slope science projects, Sikuaq founded, organized, and hosted the Soup N' Science program, a monthly lunchtime seminar series that invited local North Slope residents to meet with visiting scientists on the research campus in Utqiagvik to share home-made soup and talk about the visiting scientists' research projects. Please see public fliers below to see examples of the Soup N' Science program.

Rural Community Meetings (2016-2020)

Sikuaq set up and hosted several community meetings in villages on the North Slope, many of which included BBQs and fun door prizes. See flyers below for examples:

K-12 and Undergraduate Education (2016-2021)

Sikuaq set up dozens of classroom visits, terrestrial field schools, sea ice field schools, semester-long engagement activities, and more. See a few examples below:

Lipson Lab: Voices of the Sea (2019)


NASA ROADS on Mars Challenge Regional Hub Lead (2018-2020)


The Ice in My Backyard, Sea Ice Field School, field support (2017-2019)



ADAC: "We are so very thankful for Kaare’s help and expert leadership in bringing the North Slope to our students, since due to COVID-19, we are unable to bring our students to the North Slope."

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