Tailored Solutions

For Arctic researchers

Finding local partners

Funding agencies are requiring scientists to meaningfully engage local Indigenous residents, entities, and communities in their research projects. It can be difficult for scientists who do not live in the Arctic to locate potential local partners. Ikaagun can help you locate and develop lines of communication with the most relevant local partners. 

Creating outreach, engagement, and education plans and implementation assistance

The Ikaaġun team can create outreach, engagement, and educational plans tailored specifically to suit the needs of your project and associated stakeholders. In some cases, projects simply need an extra set of "local eyes" to review their plans and provide feedback, while other projects can require deeper involvement, such as assistance in plan implementation, or the development of products and deliverables. 

For Arctic researchers and rural educators

Cultural coaching and team orientations

Ikaaġun Engagement specializes in creating impactful and relevant orientations tailored specifically for science project teams, research entities, research institutions, rural educators, or other private clients. The orientations are delivered in a range of formats, either virtually or in-person, and focus on the local culture, history, and norms that are specifically relevant to the project or client. 

For Alaska Native Entities
seeking to develop capacity to conduct and support Arctic Research

Building Local Capacity

In addition to a large-scale push to seek out local partners in the Arctic, U.S. Arctic research requires 10's of millions of dollars of logistical support each year. Ikaaġun Engagement specializes in supporting Alaska Native organizations (Tribal entities, Alaska Native Corporations, City Governments, etc.) in gaining capacity to provide different levels and types of science and logistical support to Arctic research projects. Ikaaġun can help Native entities get on their feet. Our services can range from consulting/advice to creating integrated plans that develop physical capacity and local staff personnel.