Building and sustaining relationships with local partners is crucial for Arctic scientists and rural educators to properly engage with Arctic communities. The Ikaaġun team focuses on treating all clients, local partners, and stakeholders with deep respect. Our team provides a friendly and honest voice to clients who might not have the local connections needed during early phases of project planning. The Ikaaġun team is ready to help you develop and sustain those relationships leading to successful engagement efforts. 

Breaking the ice between Arctic researchers and residents can lead to endless opportunities for collaboration, sharing ideas, and even lifelong friendships.

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"We are so very thankful for Kaare’s help and expert leadership in bringing the North Slope to our students, since due to COVID-19, we are unable to bring our students to the North Slope"

"Recently, we invited an Indigenous Knowledge holder, Kaare Erickson of UIC Science, to speak at our annual all- hands meeting. He gave us a history of Indigenous communities in Alaska from “time immemorial” and suggested ways to improve our interactions with local and Indigenous communities. An overarching message was that Indigenous Knowledges and Western science are complementary and not competing and that Western scientists should engage Indigenous Knowledge holders before, during, and after each scientific endeavor. Echoing these conclusions, we recommend early and frequent engagement with local communities."

"I laughed, I cried. It moved me, Bob."