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Ikaaġun is the Iñupiat word for bridge, or "something used for going across." Cross-cultural communication and relationship-building is challenging; Ikaaġun Engagement is here to help. Our services will lighten the load off you and the Indigenous communities you hope to engage with. We are honest and positive professionals whose first priority is to serve the mutually-agreeable interests of Arctic scientists (or rural educators) and local Indigenous partners. The Ikaaġun team is led by Kaare Sikuaq Erickson, an established cross-cultural liaison and Arctic logistical provider.

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Kaare Sikuaq Erickson, M.A.
Ikaaġun Engagement Principal Consultant

Sikuaq was raised on the Bering Sea coast and has family scattered across northern Alaska from Unalakleet to Shishmaref to Utqiaġvik. Sikuaq spent nearly two decades immersed in cultural studies and has most recently spent several years developing and implementing creative, effective, and efficient outreach, engagement and K-12 education programs for several high profile Arctic research projects. Sikuaq's unique upbringing and specialized training allows him to successfully lead the Ikaaġun Engagement team.


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